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Plataforyou Loans is a licensed direct lender for payday loans in California. We are passionate about helping our customers and pride ourselves on providing a no-hassle, no-pressure loan service

For more information on our easy loan service, reach our customer service team online and by phone at (888) 919-1513. Or contact (contact form) with Plataforyou.

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The maximum amount for all payday loans in California is $300. That means you can receive up to $255 in cash after the $45 loan fee is paid at the time of purchase. Please note that the exact amount you can qualify for may be less than $300, based on your monthly net income.
No. Plataforyou Loans qualification process is primarily based upon the customer’s application, bank information, and ability to pay.
After all documents are signed electronically and received, Plataforyou Loans will instruct the bank to release the payday loan funds into your bank account. The actual time of deposit will vary based upon the time all documents are received and approved. Typically, if all documents are received before 10:30 AM Pacific Time on business days, the funds will be deposited to your bank account that same afternoon. Otherwise, the funds will usually be deposited on the next business day. In-store applications are processed within the store and you can receive cash in hand within a few minutes.
You can buy back your check at any of our locations before the deposit date of your check. Otherwise, the check will be deposited, as scheduled, on the agreed upon date. Checks that are returned by the bank will result in a $15 returned check fee.
The typical APR for a two-week payday loan is 460%
Plataforyou Loans is committed to our customers and our fast, friendly associates are committed to solution-oriented lending. If you are late or unable to make a payment, please contact your customer service as soon as possible. A returned check may result in a one-time fee of $15. Once you pay off your loan, you will be in good standing with our company.
Plataforyou is fully compliant with all State and Local Laws. At this time we are only licensed in the State of California and are unable to provide short-term loans in other states
A title loan is a loan that allows you to get cash using your car, motorcycle or other accepted automobile as collateral. Loan amounts are based on your vehicle’s value and condition, among other factors.

Many people will turn to a title loan when a payday loan doesn’t offer enough cash for their situation because title loans can typically provide higher amounts of credit.

The maximum amount you can get with a title loan depends on different factors, including:

  • The lender you apply with
  • Any state laws that apply to title loans
  • The condition of your vehicle
  • The value of your vehicle

Plataforyou offers title loans. Contact Plataforyou to find out if title loans are available and what the maximum loan amounts for you..

Yes! As long as you have a clear title and your motorcycle is in working condition, you may be eligible for a Plataforyou title loan. To see if you qualify, bring your motorcycle and your clear title to a Plataforyou store location. For a full list of acceptable vehicles visit our how title loans work page.
A clear title simply means that you fully own the vehicle, with no outstanding loans.
It is still possible to get a title loan without a clear title, Plataforyou offers second lien title loans. This means that you could still get a title loan even if you are still making payments or owe money on your vehicle

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