Monica Rafique

“Heal the world by healing yourself”


Monica Rafique

My life’s work is to help guide you through your journey of Conscious Evolution; inner self-transformation through mind-body-soul. I focus on coaching clients with personal development, spiritual awakening, healing the past and gaining clarity with your vision. This work will help you overcome your challenges, find deeper purpose, and live with joy.

My Way of coaching

I set out to design actionable, simple, and powerful tools that guide others and accelerate them through personal development, healing, spiritual awakenings, un-learning old programming, and re-learning how to operate from a place outside of the mind-dominated, conditioned way of thinking.


Life-changing sessions for adults, no matter what age group they belong to.


Coaching sessions for children to enrich their experience of love and guidance.


Join me with your family to discover deeper channels of love and connection.


Arrange business sessions for your organisation to improve wellbeing, purpose and performance.

Book A Session

To book my services for a workshop, interview, or event, please email [email protected].

Programs Offered

Single Sessions

A typical one-on-one life coaching session is an hour long and can be conducted in person or virtually.

Premium: Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces is a 12 week immersive 1:1 coaching program, balancing your mind, healing from the past, and stepping into a life of joy, free-flowing energy, direction and purpose.


Exclusive actionable advice to help you with your biggest challenges and live a joyful life.

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