Monica Rafique

My life’s work is to help guide you through your journey of Conscious Evolution; inner self-transformation through mind-body-soul. I focus on coaching clients with personal development, spiritual awakening, healing the past and gaining clarity with your vision. This work will help you overcome your challenges, find deeper purpose, and live with joy.

My methods include exploring the client's conscious and subconscious mind to energy healing. Our work together is practical, sacred and experiential; while incorporating metaphysical and spiritual psychology to achieve transformational, life-changing breakthroughs.

My technical background:
I’m certified in NLP, hypnotherapy, integrative healing and past life regression.

My coaching methods:

My approach is holistic. So much of personal development places more value on mindset over anything else, and while the mind is extremely powerful, you will not achieve real, authentic transformation and growth through mindset alone. It is an interdependent, fluid cycle between mind, body, and soul.

Depending on the client; my coaching varies across personal development, spiritual, psychological, energy and healing work. My focus is mostly on the present. Past life regression is used only when the intention is for deep healing modalities.

“Your self-love is a medicine for the earth.”

A little bit about who I am

Monica meaning

Latin: Moneo "Advisor"
Greek: Monachus/Monos "One"

“Hindsight: a lense through which we can consciously, and compassionately witness our sublime evolution.”

– Monica Rafique

None of the challenges in my life made sense until I reached the early stages of spiritual awakening. I spent my entire life chasing my purpose, while trying to find fulfilment in corporate jobs, escaping into my relationships, trying to find meaning from a life I had created by default.

Surrendering to my calling of inner work:
I stepped into my inner source

I decided to stop allowing my mind to dominate my life. When I opened my heart and started listening to the guidance I was receiving, I began resolving unaddressed issues and healing, which brought me deep clarity and connection to my internal compass.

I knew I could live a purposeful, joyful, fulfilling life. I knew that was my destiny. Yet more importantly, I knew my destiny was to help others live with purpose, joy, and fulfilment too.

Life of Service

As I anchored myself throughout my own inner transformation and spiritual awakening, I became increasingly aware that my life was set up in a trajectory toward my mission. At this stage of my work, the intuitive downloads are clearer, new pathways continue to conspire from quantum to material reality - and through conscious evolution, I dedicate a life to helping others navigate through theirs.

Mind-body-soul, stepping forward to a life aligned to self, using spiritual and metaphysical psychology. Exploring the conscious and unconscious mind, and seeing each individual being in its magnificent, multidimensional entirety.

This is not just mindset work – this is soul work.