Personal Service and Repair

Whenever someone uses our services for the first time, we ask how they learned about us. The vast majority of the time the answer is through friends, family, or coworkers. We are proud to have built so many long-term relationships with our clients and look forward to continuing to serve Atlanta.


It often makes sense to upgrade your current PC instead of buying a new one. We can offer recommendations based on your needs and extend the life of your machine.
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Malware Removal

Pop-ups and malware can appear after installing free software or just while browsing the web. In the vast majority of cases, we can remove them without loss of data.
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Evaluate and Repair

Before getting started with any repair work, we thoroughly test your PC. This ensures that there are no surprises and allows you to make informed decisions about how to proceed.
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On-site Service

We can come to your location to assist with networking issues, set up, and printer installation.
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Data Recovery

Losing your files or data can be devastating. We have a variety of software based tools we can utilize to attempt to get your important items back.
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